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Stay connected to your family, friends, co-workers... or anyone else you want to locate in real-time


People Tracker Features

Location in real-time

See the location through your cell phone, on a map in real-time.


Create SmartFences® and get notified when people enter or leave a specific area.


See people's latest movements.

Exact location

Check the exact location (address) on the map with Google Street View.


Get directions to the user.

More Features

And much much more.

People Tracker
People Tracker

LOCATE IN real-time

People Tracker Use Cases

Your cell phone tracker app. People Tracker allows you to stay connected to your employees, friends, family, co-workers... or anyone else you want to locate in real-time. These are just some examples of uses.

Keeping track of an elderly person or a child?

Do you need to know where your employees are?

In charge of a big group? Afraid of losing someone?

Looking for other hikers or cyclists in your group?

Lost a friend at a concert or sporting event?

Keeping track of somebody traveling abroad?


They love using People Tracker App

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Perfect travelling companion App

"My friends and family are all over the world and travel a lot so we use this app to see where everyone is. I like this app bc it has many features that you can use such as the amount of time you want the location to be updated. Quite a useful app." World traveler3115

Star Star Star Star Star

Works as expected

"I use this app with my friends all the time when I travel. It saves a ton of back and forth texting asking where everyone is. You can see everyone on a map in real time. It's super convenient and I highly recommend!!" Laura LJN

Star Star Star Star Star

Uniquely excellent

"Started using this new version a few weeks ago to track staff members for different events. Helped us having staff locations." Laurshore

Star Star Star Star Star


"I use this for when visitors come and it's really helpful to know where they are so we can locate each other." Maverickks

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Best GPS Tracker App

"I've been using people tracker for a while and I recommend it to everyone, it works great and is a good way to know where my family is. I love the feature where I can see where they have been." Maagskop1997

Star Star Star Star Star

Worth it

"I hesitated before I bought this app considering 2 of the reviews but went ahead and have been really happy. I did not have any crashes. A lot of options in settings and I love being notified when my employees arrive or leave a working location." David Wk3


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