Using People Tracker as an elderly locator

Start bringing peace of mind to you and your family by using People Tracker as an elderly locator. It's pretty easy. Here we will explain to you how.

May 9, 2019 by Manuel Escrig

Using People Tracker as an elderly locator

People Tracker is a location sharing App that helps your family by being connected. It brings you peace of mind knowing that your elderly relatives are safe because you have their location in real time.

Through the application, our users can know at all times where their loved ones are, if they have left the neighborhood, have come home, are continuing with their daily routine ... In short, to know if they are well.

Elderly Locator

Two of the main funcitionalities of People Tracker is location in real time and SmartFences.

Location in real time. This feature is especially helpful when locating the elderly. It's intended to share a person's location. You can also invite other family members so that they can also protect them. For example, if you are protecting your mother, you can invite your siblings to protect her as well. In this way the security is complete because more than one person can access the location of the protected person and everyone knows the status of this, providing more peace of mind to the whole family.

SmartFences notifications. Every time the elderly person enters or leaves a place, you receive a notification even if you don't have the location activated. For example, you can create a SmartFence around their house so you'll recieve a notification every time your mother leaves and enters the house.

Elderly Locator

Bring peace of mind into your life.

People Tracker, our family care application, provides assistance to the elderly as it allows easy access to the location of loved ones. It ensures that both the elderly and their families are safe and calm in their daily lives. If you have any questions of how People Tracker works, please feel free to reach us out. We're here to help you.

- Manuel Escrig

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